story and photo by Steve Kallesser, Immediate Past-Chair, NJ Division, Allegheny SAF

Forestry professionals from Maine to West Virginia gathered last week to take their love of forests and the natural world and apply that to leadership in their area.  Twenty-five members of the Society of American Foresters within New England, New York, and the Allegheny area were selected by their peers to be part of the 1st annual Northeast/Mid-Atlantic SAF Leadership Academy.  They learned about aspects of leadership (including methods of working with, listening, and communicating with others), applying leadership within the Society of American Foresters, and collaborative methods to apply leadership as part of their employment.

The Society of American Foresters challenges landowners, decision makers, and society at large to make choices about our forests based on professional knowledge, leading-edge thinking, and a century of practical experience.   We seek viable pathways forward, balancing diverse demands on our natural resources.  And we set the standard in forest management, bringing science, best practice and the best people together to actively shape the future of the profession.  By making sure that our young and early-career forestry professionals are well-trained leaders, who are able to collaborate effectively with people from other professions or other viewpoints, Allegheny SAF, New York SAF, and New England SAF are looking to make good on those promises.

This academy took place at Grey Towers National Historic Site in Milford, PA during November 14-16, 2018.  To be nominated to attend next year’s academy, please contact your state society.