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The Good Stewards Coalition

Environmentalists and policymakers consistently rank the proper conservation and care of forests as a top issue, and for good reason.

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Serving Society - Protecting Nature

Serving Society - Protecting Nature

It’s not an either/or choice. SAF foresters serve society and protect nature every day.

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Society of American Foresters Code of Ethics

Society of American Foresters Code of Ethics

All members of the Society of American Foresters are governed by its Code of Ethics.

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Welcome to the website of the New Jersey Division of the Allegheny Society of American Foresters.  We hope that our members and others who are interested in ecology and conservation issues find this a useful and reliable source of up-to-date information on forest-related issues.

News Headlines

18thSep, 2018

Registration for 2nd Annual Charles Newlon Forestry Forum is now open

September 18th, 2018|Categories: General News, Headlines|

Registration has just opened for the 2nd annual Charles Newlon Forestry Forum.  The featured speaker is Dr. Bronson Griscom, Director, Forest Carbon Science, The Nature Conservancy.  The title of his talk is “Natural Climate Solutions: How Northeastern Forests Can Help Solve the Climate Problem.”  We look forward to this excellent dinner talk to be held at Duke Farms (The Coach Barn), in Hillsborough, NJ on Wednesday October 3 at 7pm. For more information on the event, click here. To purchase a ticket, click here.

30thMar, 2018

Can Drones Change the Way Farmland Assessment Paperwork is Filed?

March 30th, 2018|Categories: General News, Headlines|

by Andrew Bennett, Science & Technology committee chair photo courtesy Domtar Corporation “I’ll never get a cell phone.”  I remember when I confidently uttered those words to so many of my friends back in my college days, but sometime before I graduated in 2003 I was the proud owner of a flip phone.  Fifteen years later, it is hard to exist in this world without some sort of cell phone…and you are in the minority if you’re running a business without a "smart" phone.  As the saying goes…my how times change.  I don’t care how old you are, change is never something we necessarily look forward to embracing; however, technology seems to be one of those things that we have to either get on the "train of change"…or we will be left at the station (perhaps get run over). It would seem that it often takes time for technology to trickle [...]

14thDec, 2017

Keep an Eye on Your Oaks!

December 14th, 2017|Categories: General News, Headlines|

Bacterial leaf scorch affecting red oak. (photo by Pam Zipse) by Pam Zipse (Rutgers Urban Forestry Program) and Rosa Yoo (DEP State Forestry Service) This article originally appeared in the NJ Woodland Stewards Program online newsletter, and was reprinted with permission. There are several serious diseases that can attack our oak trees in New Jersey. Two that are of increasing concern are bacterial leaf scorch and oak wilt. This article is intended to help increase your awareness of these two diseases of oaks, explain the differences and similarities between the two, and provide some direction if you suspect the oaks on your property may be affected. Oak wilt. (photo by Rosa Yoo) Bacterial leaf scorch (BLS) of oak has been present in NJ for many years. It mainly affects the red oak group (red oak, pin oak, black oak, scarlet oak, etc.), however trees in the white [...]

13thDec, 2017

Newlon Forum: A Consulting Forester’s Perspective

December 13th, 2017|Categories: General News, Headlines|

The view from Point Mountain overlooking the Musconetcong River valley. (photo by Steve Kallesser) by Doug Tavella, Appalachian Forestry Service It had been my privilege to hear Dr. Franklin speak in person at a Forest Guild-sponsored field tour in the Pinelands in 2013, and what I saw in the field and heard Dr. Franklin say rang true.  I have attempted to apply these principles to my work since that time. At the onset of Dr. Franklin’s talk at the recent Charles Newlon Forestry Forum, I was delighted to hear him affirm Dr. Aldo Leopold as the father of modern forest ecosystem management.  We foresters look to Leopold and his writings to help guide our critical thinking when applying management practices on the ground.  It was a great start! Dr. Franklin went on to describe the traditional forest management paradigm in America and the effect of globalization on current [...]

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