Clean water is the most valuable commodity produced by healthy forests. Learn how foresters protect this resource. (photo by Steve Kallesser)

by Steve Kallesser, CF, Division Chair

As the professional society for foresters and forest conservationists in New Jersey, it is our duty to use our knowledge, skills, and conservation ethic to ensure the continued health, integrity, and use of forests to benefit society in perpetuity.  Therefore, we must do our part to advance the knowledge of policymakers and the general public in regards to forests and their proper care.  Our Science & Technology Committee (Andy Bennett, chair) and our Communications Committee (Doug Tavella, chair) have worked hard to develop two fact sheets on critical subjects.  Those fact sheets contain the most accurate and recent scientific information on various subjects, and are written so that lay people can understand them.

New Jersey Forests, Forestry, and Your Water explains the history of eastern forests, the forestry movement, and the science behind watershed management and Best Management Practices designed to eliminate or minimize impacts to water quality.  Why Silviculture is Important in New Jersey includes 10 quotes from bona fide conservation leaders in this state about why the use of proper forest management tools is needed in New Jersey’s forests for clean drinking water, preventing catastrophic wildfires, fostering livable communities, and maintaining or creating healthy and resilient forests.

These fact sheets and other useful information for people interested in forest conservation can be found by clicking here.