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May 2015

Wood Pellet Systems Grow in Northeast With Help From Incentives

2017-05-16T20:23:03-05:00May 9th, 2015|Biomass, General News|

Wood pellet heating system in a school in Athens, NY. (Photo by Northern Forest Center) (Submitted by Jeremy Caggiano, Science and Technology Committee) Northern Forest Center is a Concord, New Hampshire based nonprofit organization which advocates for the Northern Forest region and helps its communities benefit from forest-based economic and conservation initiatives. According to Northern Forest Center, the northeastern United States consumes over 80 percent of our nation’s supply of home heating oil, spending more than six billion dollars every year. Over the [...]

Integrated Harvesting for Cost Effective, Mechanical Fuel Reduction

2017-05-16T20:23:03-05:00May 9th, 2015|Biomass, General News|

(by Michael Gallagher – Science and Technology Committee) Although this study took place in forests different in composition than those of New Jersey, this study provides the framework by which to plan integrated harvesting for fuel reduction, and some values by which to estimate cost effectiveness. Thinning forests can be a useful alternative to prescribed burning for fuel reduction, especially when social, economic, or administrative issues limit the use of prescribed fire, or where fire exclusion has left a stand susceptible to undesirable damage from [...]

Biomass Utilization for Heating: New Air Rules for Residential Wood Heaters

2017-05-16T20:23:03-05:00May 9th, 2015|Biomass, General News, Headlines|

Cordwood testing in Vermont. (Photo by Valley News) (by Seth Partridge, NJDSAF Science and Tech. Committee) According to results from the 2011 US Census, approximately 2.4 million people (or 12% of homes) use wood to heat their homes and this number is on the rise. As the negative impacts of emissions are increasingly recognized, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed new rules for allowable emissions from woodstoves and pellet stoves. In brief: These rules were effective 02/03/15. Strengthens the emission [...]

New Jersey’s Potential Biomass Supply

2017-05-16T20:23:03-05:00May 9th, 2015|Biomass, General News, Headlines|

(photo courtesy Mohegan Tribe) (by William Zipse) In order to assess NJ’s potential for wood biomass markets, it is essential to compile some information about supply. The following information comes from the US Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program data from 2013. NJ currently has an approximate estimated total standing biomass in the boles of merchantable growing stock trees on timberland of almost 74 million dry short tons with an additional 16.8 million dry short tons estimated in the tops and [...]

Opinion: A Pathway for Biomass Production in an NJ Forest Stewardship Act Context

2017-05-16T20:23:03-05:00May 9th, 2015|Biomass, General News|

(by Steve Kallesser, vice chair) A thinning from below, removing a midstory of beech from an oak-dominated forest stand. As foresters and forest landowners await publication of the rules promulgated under the NJ Forest Stewardship Act, it remains to be seen how many forested landowners will opt out of the traditional requirements of the farmland assessment program in favor of the new alternative requirements resulting from that Act. The removal of the income requirement will likely be a key motivator of forested landowners [...]