Bob Williams picRobert W. (Bob) Williams, CF was awarded the 2015 W.D. Hagenstein Communicator Award by the National SAF Board of Directors.  The award was presented at the Society of American Foresters convention in November.  The award “recognizes an SAF member who displays the ability, talent, and skill to lead innovative and exemplary communications initiatives and programs that increase the general public’s understanding of forestry and natural resources at the local, regional, or national level.”

The nomination materials state that he is “…widely recognized as the point person for forest issues in southern New Jersey and beyond.  He is regularly quoted by members of the media, which view him as a reliable and passionate forest steward capable of articulating the importance of forest management to a lay audience.”  His nomination, assembled by Dr. George Zimmermann, also details his outreach both to policymakers and directly to the general public.

Bob is only the second member of the NJ Division to receive a prestigious award from the National SAF.  The text of his acceptance speech can be read here:  Bob is the owner of Pine Creek Forestry, LLC.