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October 2014

Use Wood, Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

2017-05-16T20:23:04-05:00October 21st, 2014|General News|

(Photo by Charlie & Barbara Newlon) by Charlie Newlon CF (Photo by Charlie & Barbara Newlon) Increasing the wood harvest to the equivalent of 34 percent or more of annual wood growth to meet construction demands worldwide could drastically reduce the global reliance on fossil fuels while protecting biodiversity and carbon storage capacity, according to a new study. By Chadwick Dearing Oliver, Nedal T. Nassar, Bruce R. Lippke, James B. McCarter, titled Carbon, Fossil Fuel, and Biodiversity Mitigation with Wood and Forests in [...]

Exploring Streamside Management Zone Width for Sediment Trapping

2017-05-16T20:23:04-05:00October 21st, 2014|General News|

At Weldon Brook WMA, the minimum allowed SMZ width was placed between a regeneration harvest and this stream. Submitted by Steve Kallesser CF An interesting study was published in Forest Science that addressed the width of Streamside Management Zones (SMZ) within riparian areas.  SMZ are addressed in NJ's BMP manual as areas where management activities can occur, provided an absolute minimum of mechanized activity. The study looked as sediment trapping given four regimes: 25' SMZ with no selective harvesting 50' SMZ with selective [...]

Silviculture in Northern Hardwoods and High-grading Concerns

2017-05-16T20:23:04-05:00October 21st, 2014|General News|

Submitted by Charlie Newlon CF (Photo:  Hardwood stand in NW New Jersey by Charlie & Barbara Newlon) This is an abstract of an article in Forest Science. 60(2):374–381, Sustainability of the Selection System in Northern Hardwood Forests by Nan C. Pond, Robert E. Froese, and Linda M. Nagel. Copyright © 2014 Society of American Foresters The selection silvicultural system is widely recommended for sustainable management of North American cool-temperate tolerant hardwood forests, yet concerns about high-grading, excessive removals, and adequate regeneration persist. We used field [...]

Fuel Consumption and Particulate Emissions of Prescribed Fires in the Pinelands

2017-05-16T20:23:04-05:00October 21st, 2014|General News|

By Michael Gallagher, NJSAF, USFS Silas Little Experimental Forest Prescribed burning is the primary means of managing hazardous fuel loads and reducing wildfire risk in New Jersey and many other parts of the country, however smoke emissions produced from burns have the potential to become significant health and safety hazards if not properly considered for in prescribed burn planning.  This is especially important in urban or EPA designated non-attainment areas, such as the New Jersey Pinelands, where the potential exists to cause airborne pollution loads [...]

NJDivSAF Contributes to Joint Comments on Proposed Bat Listing

2017-05-16T20:23:05-05:00October 21st, 2014|General News|

By Steve Kallesser CF (Photo:  Northern Long-Eared Bat, Myotis septentrionalis, By Al Hicks, NY Dept. Environmental Conservation) Currently, the US Fish & Wildlife Service is proposing to list the northern long-eared bat (NLEB) as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. In reaction to a joint letter sent to the US Fish & Wildlife Service by several SAF units in the upper Midwest, several members asked if Allegheny SAF would consider sending a similar letter, with assistance from the National SAF office. Coincidentally, USF&WS reopened its [...]

Recent Webinar Held Regarding Proposed Endangered Bat

2017-05-16T20:23:05-05:00October 21st, 2014|General News|

By Jeremy Caggiano, Science & Technology Chairman (Photo:  Exfoliating bark of shagbark hickories offer habitat to bats. Photo by Charlie Newlon CF) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recently held three public information webcasts which provided additional information regarding their application to list Northern Long-Eared Bat (NLEB) as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). USFWS originally proposed to list NLEB in autumn of 2013 at which time they offered a 90 day public comment period. The period was later extended six months. With the [...]

Chairman’s Corner

2017-05-16T20:23:05-05:00October 21st, 2014|Chairman's Corner|

by Don Donnelly CTE Bridging the Gap between Past and Present Things are now settling down for most consultants since the August 1st Farmland Assessment deadline has passed. Hopefully, that means you are getting to enjoy the relatively pleasant weather that we’ve been experiencing this summer, and will find some time to participate in at least one of the forestry related functions occurring this fall. A few of the earlier activities on the calendar in September include the NJ Wild Outdoor Expo and the NJDSAF [...]