2nd Annual Northeast/Mid-Atlantic SAF Leadership Academy

Thank you for your attendance!  Below are materials that were provided or generated as part of the Academy.

Agenda: click here

Day 1

The Importance of Styles: Understanding and working with different personality types
and leadership styles (Tom Davidson, Leadership Nature)

Listening and then Communicating: Effective oral and written communications,
conflict resolution, and negotiation skills (Tom Davidson, Leadership Nature)

Leading Your Team: Recruitment and development of volunteer teams, running
effective meetings, & managing transitions (Tom Davidson, Leadership Nature)

Day 2

Understanding the organization of SAF (Steve Kallesser, ANSAF)

Introducing Best Practices…

…for Programs (Corrie Magee, NYSAF)

…for Publications — disseminating forest science & technology (Ken Laustsen, NESAF)

  • presentation: click here
  • video: (coming soon!)
  • handout: (coming soon!)

Understanding leadership in a volunteer organization (Tom Martin, NYSAF)

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  • handout: (coming soon!)

Introducing Best Practices…

…for Membership recruiting and retention (Steven Glover, SAF Director of Membership)

…for Awards and recognition programs (Ken Jolly, ANSAF)

  • presentation: click here
  • video: (coming soon!)

…for Policy and external relations activities (Tom Martin, NYSAF)

…for Internal and External Communications, including social media (Steve Kallesser, ANSAF)

…for Treasury and record-keeping (Susan Lacy, ANSAF)

…for the Executive Committee: Forming an action plan for the coming year and getting buy-in from members (Steve Kallesser, ANSAF)

Day 3

Creating futures using your leadership skills (William Giruzzi, NY DEC)

Enrolling others in that future (William Giruzzi, NY DEC)