Stewardship: Applying Professional Knowledge to Perpetuate Dynamic Forests

Thursday, January 25, 2018 — Bordentown, NJ  (agenda: click here) (to register: click here)

Part I: Welcome

Welcome (Timothy Slavin, Chair)

The Stewardship perspective of the NJ Forest Service (Todd Wyckoff, NJ DEP Forest Service)

Part II: The New NJ Forest Stewardship Program

A review of the Private Lands Program: staffing and logistics of operations vis-a-vis Farmland Assessment and Forest Stewardship (Jon Klischies, NJ DEP Forest Service)

Overview of the new NJ Forest Stewardship program: planning / implementation / monitoring (Jon Klischies, NJ DEP Forest Service)

SMART demonstration for submitting plans digitally (Michael Hart, NJ DEP Forest Service)

Understanding the broader context of forest stewardship in New Jersey (Steve Kallesser, Gracie & Harrigan Consulting Foresters, Inc.)

Part III: Practical usage of GIS in both urban & community and rural forestry

The “Why” on tree inventories: knowledge gained from GIS-based urban forest inventories (Kevin Weber, Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories)

  • Presentation: coming soon

Practical approaches to obtaining rare and imperiled species information from the Landscape Project v3.3 (Patrick Woerner, DEP Division of Fish & Wildlife)